Handmade Lampwork Beads

My lampwork beads are all handmade by me from Italian Moretti and Effetre  and German Lauscha "soft" glass.  They are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln which means they are stronger, more durable and less likely to break than beads that have not undergone this process (such as mass produced, cheaper versions).  They are still glass, however tough, and the usual care needs to be taken when creating your jewellery or wearing them. 

I use an electric bead reamer to clean the holes so the beads are ready for you to use when you receive them and they won't leave "white stuff"  all over your stringing materials.

Just a word in your ear........
My beads are usually one of a kind  - there are so many colour combinations to be experimented with that I can't wait to try something new . For this reason  I generally don't  duplicate my beads so you can be assured that the focal bead or set you buy  will be very unique.   It takes around 45 minutes to an hour  (longer for bigger, more complex beads) to produce one of my focal beads as each layer of glass has to be added and melted in separately and there are often many layers of glass in just one bead. The annealing process - to strengthen/toughen the glass and release the stress that can cause cracks - takes several hours and then I also need to allow time (and the correct tools of course..) to clean the holes of the powdery substance called bead release.  For these reasons, I cannot sell my beads for the same prices that mass produced beads sell for.  The vast majority of mass produced beads are not annealed or cleaned, may be made with inferior glass, have tool or "chill" marks present and are sold very cheaply so please be discerning with your purchases particularly if you desire to own quality lampworked art glass beads.  


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