'Seconds' or Imperfect Lampwork Beads

Now I wouldn't put anything on here that you can't use - like cracked beads etc.  This is what can sometimes happen to make a bead a 'Seconds' bead.
  • Some of these beads have lost a little raised dot on the outside
  •  Or maybe have a weeny little chip out of the bottom that you can hide with a bead cap.
  •  Or a little air bubble has busted whilst still in the flame and I haven't noticed it to melt it back in so now there's a little indentation in the bead.
  •  Or I don't like the colour or shape or it didn't turn out like I saw in my head - there's nothing actually wrong with the bead - as such....
Anyway - I will tell you exactly what is the problem  with each bead and you can look at the photos and make up your mind as to whether you can live with it or not.

 They'll be CHEAP and they're HERE.



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