#Focal 3 'TEMPERATURE RISING' Lampwork Focal Glass Bead

TEMPERATURE RISING  -  Well - there is a bit of a story behind this bead (it's lucky not to have been thrown across the room actually!).  I was torching away, wearing all the usual safety gear including my special glasses, when a piece glass (the light yellow colour) spat off the bead up into the air, sailed over my glasses between the rim and my eyelashes, seared my eyeball and dropped out beneath my glasses and onto the table - all without burning my skin!  My eye didn't get off so lightly - with a scratched and burnt retina - and I am very lucky to have full use of my eyesight today!  Anyway - the bead has a red base, with stripes of pumpkin, light yellow, orange and black raked through and swirled around in patterns.  Finished off with raised yellow dots. 
  • Length is 30mm x 20mm at widest point x 10mm thick (not including raised dots).    Hole is 2.4mm. 
  • Prices are in Australian dollars.
  • Picture shows 2 sides of the same bead.
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