#Seconds 2 'ROSIE' Imperfect Lampwork Focal Glass Bead + Spacers

ROSIE  - The very pretty pink of this set of beads has swirls of a darker red to add depth and dimension to the overall effect.  A white base brings out the variegated colour in this glass called "Veiled Rubino".  The petite focal is an unusual shape - plump in the middle with black ends that look like spacers.  Accompanied by small individual black spacers and larger  variegated pink  spacers.

So - what's the problem with this bead??  It has a very small mark on one side of the focal where it was a little too hot when I put it into the kiln to anneal and it has left a weeny flat spot (duh!).  The flaw wouldn't even show up in my photos and I seriously doubt the vast majority of people would even notice it - however, I know it's there (and now - so do you!) and as far as I am concerned,  that makes "Rosie" an imperfect bead. Apart from that there is nothing else wrong (boo hoo!).  This tiny flaw will have no impact on the strength or durability of this bead. 

You are purchasing this bead as "Imperfect"
  • Focal measures 21mm in length x 17mm diameter.  Pink spacer beads measure approx. 13mm diameter x 8mm hole to hole. Black spacers measure  10mm diameter x 6.5mm hole to hole.  Holes are  2.4mm.
  • Prices are in Australian dollars
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